About Kale

Our story that began by producing hose clamps for diverse light and heavy manufacturing industries for more than 25 years brought us today to the status of a global business associate which generates engineering solutions in the field of connection technologies to the automotive industry.


Kale as within the family group companies which joins the decision-making competence with the innovative solutions developed by its commercial and technical teams for the customer loyalty and satisfaction. Sustainability and a significant cost-benefit correlation that is focused to preserve our natural resources underlie these long-term relationships that we created with our audience. Being a pioneering innovator, the only conservative feature at Kale is the fastidious concern for details.


Being a pioneering innovator, the only conservative feature at Kale is the fastidious concern for details.

What We Do

We engineer connection elements that secure and enhance long-lasting performance of equipment in which Kale products are assembled.



Kale offers enhanced, tailor-made high-tech solutions to fit demands of various industries such as automotive, agriculture, marine and white goods to ensure safe connections.


Kale designs products primarily according to technical norms and ultimate industrial requirements. This design engineering covers the entire range from product design up to the manufacturing processes.


Durable quality of our products provided by our perfectionist philosophy is a mix coming from the entire supply chain, the teams, production technologies, quality systems, environmental conscience and social responsibility projects.

R&D Engineering

With over 25 years of engineering know-how Kale produces more than 75% of its products with high-tech automation, the production lines of which are designed and commissioned by Kale engineers.


“1st part being identical with the 1000th part” is the unchanged motto for our production teams.


With alternative packaging options Kale meets customer orders on-time via its SAP system.

Quality & Environment

At Kale, we try to promote environmental consciousness in order to contribute to the future health of generations.

The application of our quality and environment management system in every phase and department of production focuses on customer and environment orientation. Accordingly we aim at production with zero error policy in order to attain our primary target, unconditional customer satisfaction and fully comply with regulations on environment, fulfill requests from relevant parties.

We act with the philosophy of continuous improvement and share all our accumulation of knowledge and experience with our business associates, i.e. our suppliers and employees.

Quality and Environmental Policy