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Our story that began by producing hose clamps for diverse, light and heavy duty manufacturing industries brought us today to the status of a global business associate generating engineering solutions in the field of connection technologies to the automotive industry. Our high-tech quality products made us also a reliable partner for all industrial manufacturers as well as for general hardware suppliers.


All Kale products are designed for

sealable fitting of hose and pipe connections.


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E-mobility Partner

Kale developed e-mobility solutions through the verge from combustion engines to electric vehicles.

New Facility

We are moving to our new Plant in 2023 which drives through Smart Manufacturing and IoT.

Automotive Solutions

Behind every connecting element of Kale there is the intellectual accumulation for over 25 years, meticulous engineering and economic production systems. This is how we manage to combine performance and competitiveness in one product that is stable in millions of units produced over the years.



Air Intake Systems

Kale products with their superior design ensure the resolution of leakages in the engine’s air intake systems and hence, the elevation of the vehicle’s performance by providing high sealing and ergonomic mountability.

Cooling Systems

Kale products with their quality cached in design details provide highest security level by yielding homogenous clamping force and ergonomics.

Fuel Systems

Kale provides secured seal connections in mission-critical positions to prevent hazardous leakage in fuel systems.

Emission Systems

Kale products render an eco-friendly driving by preventing the emission of harmful gases via its sealing even at higher temperatures.

Steering Systems

Fluid leakages occurring in steering systems, where the connection elements are extensively mounted, threaten safe driving. Kale supplies creative solutions against such problems by its wide range of products and safeguards comfortable driving.

Cable & Tube Fixing

The fixation of electrical and fluid transfer harness on board equipment is essential for the sound functioning of the engine systems and for the proper after-sales service.


Kale, which has more than 25 years of production experience, has been validated and accepted by many automotive and industry brands. We are pleased to share with you the brands that have included Kale products in their equipment.